Oasis for UPS is a lithium battery system for UPS equipments. For UPS equipments, high performance and reliability are important. Oasis for UPS meets the demands and expectations for various UPS.


48V battery module for UPS

Expandable 48V module for 19" rack


48V module for UPS

48V50UPS Specification
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity (C/5@25˚C) 50Ah
Internal impedance (1kHz AC) @25˚C)


Weight 33kg
Specification Energy (Cell) 110Wh/kg
Max. continuous discharge@25˚C (60sec) 100A
Max. pulse discharge@25˚C (1sec) 120A
Discharge cut-off voltage@25˚C 40V
Charge current (recommend/max.) 50A/100A
Charge voltage 58.4V
Cycle life@C/2 discharge, 100%DOD@25˚C 2000
Cycle life@1C discharge, 20%DOD@25˚C 8000
Discharge temperature range -20˚C to 80˚C
Charge temperature range 0˚C to 55˚C
Storage temperature range -40˚C to 55˚C
Technology LiFePO4