Renewable Energy

The Oasis for renewable energy is a lithium battery system that charges using electricity generated from solar panel, wind turbine, or even from grid power, and it can power your home or office day or night and it can be used for emergency backup  when the power outages.


Oasis for renewable energy

48V Oasis module for renewable energy, it fits right into your 19" energy cabinet.



48V module for Renewable Energy

48V50RE Specification
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity (C/5@25˚C) 50Ah
Internal impedance (1kHz AC) @25˚C)


Weight 33kg
Dimension (mm)  222 x 425 x 482
Specification Energy (Cell) 110Wh/kg
Max. continuous discharge@25˚C (60sec) 100A
Max. pulse discharge@25˚C (1sec) 120A
Discharge cut-off voltage@25˚C 40V
Charge current (recommend/max.) 50A/100A
Charge voltage 58.4V
Cycle life@C/2 discharge, 100%DOD@25˚C 2000
Cycle life@1C discharge, 20%DOD@25˚C 8000
Discharge temperature range -20˚C to 80˚C
Charge temperature range 0˚C to 55˚C
Storage temperature range -40˚C to 55˚C
Technology LiFePO4


48V wall-mounted for Renewable Energy

5kwh photo 拷貝

Model 48V2.7KWH 48V5KWH
Dimension (mm) 750 x 494 x 54 710 x 610 x 167
Weight (kg) 23.9 46.5
Capacity (Ah)



Voltage (V) 51.1 51.1
Energy (wh)  2708 4875
Charge Power (W) 1000 2000
Discharge Power (W) 1000 2000
Charging Temperature (˚C) 0~45 0~45
Discharge Temperature (˚C) -10~45 -10~45
Communication RS-485 RS-485



Light Weight and Small

- Smaller and lighter compare to lead acid battery

- Wall mountable slim design

High Efficiency and  Reliable

- Lithium battery has a much higher efficiency rate compare to lead acid battery

Minimal Maintenance

- Realtime battery status and warnings on full display


- Modular design makes it easy for capacity expansion