Material Handling Vehicle & Utility

The system for Material Handling Vehicle is designed with Cosmos Infinity's Stallion series. This system has different voltage configurations: 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V. Each system includes lithium ion battery, Trustwave central management system, lithium ion battery charger and OLED display.




Advantages in Material Handling Vehicle

Maintenance Free

Stallion series is absolutely zero maintenance. For industrial lead acid battery, check water levels and top up appropriately every 10 or so charges. Battery maintenance is an extremely forgotten yet important factor; as knowing a little about forklift maintenance will go a long way. It’s a major factor that contributes to costs, safety and the forklift’s life. A significant percentage of forklifts are powered electronically; with the batteries in these machines being very expensive. Therefore proper maintenance and care is necessary to lengthen the life span of your forklift and its battery. 

Fast Charging

Charging time is only 1/2 of industrial lead acid battery. And opportunity short charge is welcome. As for industrial lead acid battery constant neglect and bad treatment will significantly shorten battery life time and only end in increased expenses. bad treatments like discharge beyond 80%, let a discharged battery sit there for extended periods, opportunity charge, or  interrupt a charge cycle.

Zero Corrosion

Stallion series doesn't contain acid. and cleaning is essential for industrial lead acid battery. If a battery overspills wash it immediately with water to stop corrosion on top of and underneath the battery. The spilled acid is highly conductive and caustic. If not cleaned away immediately, the conductivity can negatively deteriorate battery life (even when not in use) and produce extra heat during recharge. And acid vapours escape during charge, and end up developing residue around the vent cap area.

Long Life Cycle

Cosmos Infinity's Accu Balance Technology helps charging thoroughly to every cell inside the pack and effectively extend battery life. And our battery doesn't require complex maintenance procedures. When it comes to industrial lead acid forklift batteries, or any kind of electrical equipment batteries, you must ensure they are maintained regularly and correctly, whether it is a proper inspection once every so often or just a quick glance everyday before using it.


24V for Pallet Forklift

There are 2 types of 24V Stallion for pallet forklift, 24VPFL-1 for 1.6t and 24PFL-2 for 2.0t





1.6t Pallet Forklift

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
24V100PFL-1 24 100 63 546 197 520
24V125PFL-1 24 125 71 546 197 520
24V150PFL-1 24 150 79 546 197 520


2.0t Pallet Forklift

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
24V150PFL-2 24 150 86 575 277 520
24V175PFL-2 24 175 94 575 277 520
24V200PFL-2 24 200 102 575 277 520
24V225PFL-2 24 225 110 575 277 520

2,000 cycles @100% DOD @ 25ºC

8,000 cycles @20% DOD @ 25ºC

48V for Forklift

The listed specifications are single module specifications, there are 8 modules inside the 48V forklift battery.





Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
48V200FL-1 48 200   125 190 580
48V200FL-2 48 200   170 190 350
48V200FL-3 48 200   100 200 705
48V300FL-1 48 300   250 190 350
48V300FL-2 48 300   140 200 705
48V400FL-1 48 400   195 190 580
48V400FL-2 48 400   320 190 350
48V400FL-3 48 400   180 200 705
48V500FL-1 48 500   220 200 705
48V600FL-1 48 600   265 190 580
48V600FL-2 48 600   260 200 705

2,000 cycles @100% DOD @ 25ºC

8,000 cycles @20% DOD @ 25ºC


Battery ChargerCharger

Cosmos Infinity's charger is specifically design for Stallion series. Unlike industrial lead acid battery, opportunity charge is welcome with Stallion MHV. Charging station can be strategically placed by MHV user for opportunity charge, which helps extend battery life.


OLED display 

The OLED display gives realtime status of the system. The Trustwave central management system seamlessly integrate all the information from all the modules in the system and display the latest system status on the OLED panel.