Golf Cart & EV

The system for golf cart is designed with Cosmos Infinity's Stallion series. This system includes 48V battery modules, Trustwave central management system, lithium ion battery charger and OLED display. This system is also a great solution for other type of EV, like Neighborhood EV, Utility EV, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), electric scooter and electric wheelchair. 


How to use Stallion in Golf Cart

For 48V golf cart, simply replace 6 x 8V batteries with 3 x 1.2kWh modules, and connect all 3 modules to Trustwave CMS. The total capacity of 3.6kWh will allow golf cart to run 36 holes under 1 full charge. The capacity is extendable to up to 7.2kWh if longer runtime is required.





Maintenance Free

Lithium-ion cell doesn't require maintenance like flooded lead acid battery

Zero Corrosion

It doesn't produce acidic gas, so it won't corrode vehicle

Light Weight

3.6kWh is only 30% of the weight of traditional lead acid battery

Long Cycle Life

Exceptional cycle life compare to traditional lead acid


Fast Charging

Charging time is only 1/2 of lead acid charging time


Make is easier to handle

Extendable Capacity

Simply add module for capacity expansion

Simple Installation

Easy to install and replace

Realtime Monitoring

Trustwave gives the realtime status of all modules and gives warning


Trustwave CMS with 48V Module for Golf Cart

Compact 48V module design with Trustwave central management system for direct replacement for lead acid battery in golf cart. 





48V module for EV

48V nominal voltage

25Ah capacity

265 x 185 x 310 (mm) dimensions

20kg weight

2,000 cycles @100% DOD @ 25ºC

8,000 cycles @20% DOD @ 25ºC


OLED display 

The OLED display gives realtime status of the system. The Trustwave central management system seamlessly integrate all the information from all the modules in the system and display the latest system status on the OLED panel.